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Always Been You Ukulele Chords

dis song is 4 doz peeps hus playin rulz!!!


I like her but I love you
She want me and you do too
C#m                          A      B
But if you ask me who it's always been you
I like her smile but I lie your style
Your the only one my heart desires...
C#m                           A      B
I gotta tell the truth it's always been you

          A                            B
Somebody saw me yesterday out at the movies
With some other girl
B             A
They told you something's going on
And now you got it in your mind that
            A                   C#m
I've been playin' but baby I'm sayin'
I never meant to do you wrong

C#m                        G#m
Now you wanna know if I'm down with you alone,
Baby I'm admitting
                   B    /A,/G#-/F#-/E
I was only trippin you are my only love

(do stanza chords)
I always thought about,
How I could get her
But when I was with her
I only thought about you (baby)
So don't ever feel that I'll leave you hanging
Girl, your love is banging...
And I ain't about to let you go (oh,no)

(do 3rd stanza chords)
It ain't so hard to choose (so hard to choose)
It's you I don't wanna lose
If those crazy thoughts get in yout head
They'll turn you away from me


(do stanza chords)
Whenever we're together
I can't get any better
So when they bring you the stories
Baby don'e believe a thing
Cause You'll always be my lady
And she'll only be my friend (oh, i love you)
And I don't know what to do without you

Chorus to fade

Your the only one the only girl I want
No one sles can come between us you know
(anything for you)
Piano, bass and

guitar Always Been You Ukulele Chords (Imajin) chords

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