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Dizzee Rascal

Dance Wiv Me Tab

The last tab i looked at for this was pretty poor, so i sat and did my own.

Here it is, feel free to comment any correctons and/or changes.

Artist: Dizzee Rascal & Calvin Harris
Song: Dance Wiv Me.
Album: N/A
Year: 2008
Tabbed By: Calum Brown
Tuning: Standard (E,A,D,G,B,e)

      6p5 = Pull Off

e|-----------------------------------------| |
B|-----------------------------------------| |
D|-----------------------------------------|o|  repeat however many times...
A|---------------------9-11----------------| |
E|--9-9-9--9-11-12--12------12-9--7-7-5-7--| |


e|----------------------------| |
B|----------------------------| |
G|----------------------------|o|  (this bit isn't perfect, however it fits 
D|----------------------------|o|    well enough with the song)
A|----------------------------| |
E|--9-9-9-7-6--6p5-5-5-5-7-9--| |

NOTE: This is also the Bass Line

...And thats's it really
Piano, bass and

guitar Dance Wiv Me Tab (Dizzee Rascal) chords

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